Starting From the Bottom…

Not every day is going to be an ideal day. We won’t wake up every day feeling motivated, happy, energetic or productive. We may tend to fall into slumps or valleys in our life that may seem impossible to get out of but you have the capability inside of you. Our healthy and positive habits are what establish a platform to bounce back off of. Highly enjoyable and productive habits that we reinforce at our best moments will be the things to rely on in our worst moments. If we reinforce sustainable habits constantly in our daily lives they will help us in the long run, making us healthier and happier.

Habits. Habits are such important things to establish in our daily lives. They help us to better ourselves in both physical, spiritual and mental ways. Strengthening our time management, productivity and cognitive sills are things that habits can help us with in major ways. Things like, waking up at a reasonable time of the day , journaling, working gout, reading self help books, playing, socializing, meditating are all habits you can slowly implement into your daily routine that will help better your mental and physical fitness.

If you ever feel sad, angry, stressed, taking part in physical activities to release emotions and manage thoughts could be very effective. Another aspect, however, is having the motivation to do these things; that’s why it’s important to rely on discipling rather than motivation. If you ever find yourself in a low doing or slum ask yourself this, ” Do I want to be stuck here for a long time or move on?” I don’t think anyone wants to stay stuck in such a low place and disciplining yourself to get up, try new habits, and reinforce them can be life changing.

Doing the things we love the most are another thing that you can do to help yourself to get back up. If you don’t know something that will make you happy try out new things/hobbies. Your happiness and mental state should be your number one priority. Self care is not selfish! If you don’t enjoy hanging our with certain people or find that they drag you down, don’t hang out with them. It’s okay to say no. A lot of the time the reason we get burnt out and dragged down so much is based on our environment and surroundings. If you don’t have anyone to talk to there are many reliable sources like therapist and counsellors but you should also learn to be content with being in your own presence. Starting from scratch, with starting new habits and hobbies, cutting our toxicity from your lives ( including people ) is something that you can do. We only get one life that we should make the most of it. It’s okay to not be okay. but it’s not wise to stay there stuck. There are so many resources that you can use to better yourself one step at a time. Remember your self worth and that you are lovable.

Simple Knowledge

The opportunity to derive knowledge is continuously presented to us through life whether we realize it or not. How we perceive our circumstances and what actions we take when faced with any mental or physical challenges could lead to growth and gaining wisdom and knowledge.

Within every scenario we experience, a new lesson is being taught to us. Most of the time, these lessons we learn teach us something about ourselves. Our personal struggles lead to the most valuable lessons that could help us overcome any difficulties that we may experience in the future.You may hear the saying “Everything happens for a reason.” Whether we realize it or not everything we have gone through has led to the point where we are today. Every hardship and rejoicing moment has shaped the way we are in this moment. Every second, minute, hour, day, month, year, etc… Has guided us on a journey of self discovery. Through and through we have navigated different tasks and obstacles in both mental and physical ways that has only helped shape our future and enhanced problem solving skills in difficult times.

Knowledge is power and power is knowledge! It helps humans become more aware and productive. Our mental state relies upon the way we think and what we derive from the different things we experience. As we grow and embark on a self-discovery journey every single day, we will learn to become the best versions of ourselves. Working on getting better 1% everyday can look like many different things. As you take steps on your journey know its okay to ask for help, use various resources and tools. You got this, one step at a time.

Emotional Availability

Emotions guide our everyday lives. Our choices, actions, and thoughts are all guided by our emotions. Managing and utilizing them in a beneficial manner has the potential to transform one’s life in a positive manner. Improving one’s emotional intelligence can be a great psychological benefactor to oneself.

Allowing ourselves to feel emotions is part of a healing process and being capable of moving on. Our emotions are apart of who we are and it is important to feel them as they arise in our day to day lives. Suppressing emotions inside could lead to deterioration of mental health. One does not need to feel shame for showing emotions whether that be to oneself in private or to others. Sitting and allowing ourselves to feel emotions that arise can be a lead to a break through in our mental health journeys.

Emotions can be both positive and negative. While we should strive not to let our negative emotions consume ourselves, they can give us the push that may lead us to healing. Our emotions could encourage us to want to move on and work on a healing process. Uncovering suppressed emotions will allow us to deal with them in a positive and effective way. There are many activities that we can engage in, in order to uncover such emotions and work through them. Activities such as journaling, reading, meditating, and talking to a therapist are some viable options. However, emotions can become overwhelming at times. In such cases, it would be crucial to find ways to either channel those emotions in a positive manner or use distractions techniques to cope and process them in small doses.

It is also important that we help ourselves to evoke position emotions by working out, engaging in hobbies, socializing with loved ones. It is important to regulate the joys of life and indulge in the things that make us feel good so long as they are healthy options. Allow yourself to feel the moment and release your emotions whether that be to just break down or laugh out loud.

Our emotional intellect along with your cognitive intellect are the guiding factors in our lives. Emotions come in both positive and negative forms. Allowing ourselves to feel what arises and utilizing those emotions to fuel our drive and motivation could lead to break throughs, leading us towards a positive path. Suppressing our emotions is like shaking a bottle of soda, we can only hold in the pressure of our emotions so much until we just burst. Once it gets to that point, we may have a hard time managing our actions. Therefore, it is imperative that we remain aware of our emotions, allowing ourselves to feel them and managing them when necessary.

Mental Health Moments

We all have our own mental health moments. While some maybe more facile others may be more difficult to deal with. No matter how hard the struggle is it’s important to find the root of that emotions and deal with your feelings in a positive, and helpful way. Finding coping mechanisms is a way to help you in your mental health moments. There are many different tools and resources that you can use to help you in varying scenarios. You do not have to navigate your psychological struggles by yourself. Therapy is a great resource to help assist ones mental health. A therapist is eligible to help you find ways to help support you in any mental health case no matter the severity.

Mental health is often overlooked. We live in a world full of stress and chaos but there is also a bright side. No matter what circumstances may be, it is important to check up on your mental health and find ways to not only manage a particular situation but also better yourself as a whole. In today’s society we are constantly experiencing so much from the outside world. We see much disarray all over social media and other platforms and it is a lot to take in. Absorbing everything in life can be very overwhelming and has a great impact on one’s mental health. There are many different emotions that we may feel as a result of what we consume and how we process them cognitively. Many different outcomes of our emotions impact our mental health. The more that you prioritize helping yourself the better and happier you will be overall. It is important to sit down and think about what may be the root of what you are feeling so you can find appropriate coping mechanisms and solutions. Your mental health should be a priority as it affects everything in your life and, you are important.

Coping with your mental health related issues is the beginning of renewal and freedom. While it may not be easy, it is always worth it in the end. It is important to find a suitable coping tool for whatever emotions you may be feelings and circumstances you may be experiencing. If you are struggling, seeking out therapy is a viable option. Therapists are experts in helping you attain greater insight about yourself, learn coping skills, become more productive by providing a safe space to share, explore, and receive guidance. Make sure to always prioritize your mental health moments because they matter and you matter!