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“I just wanted to thank Seda and Jania for everything they have taught me regarding how to help myself in the many areas that one has to deal with in not only the addiction arena, but everyday situations that will, and do, come up in life. Their IOP program is so wonderful and engaging in so many facets and makes you want to be there.  In fact, they have been so effective in helping me to help myself, I, as did all of us in the group, followed them when they left their former employer and facility and opened their own, Talk Therapy.

They are so caring and genuine in their approach to everyone, both in group and out, which I can tell you is extremely rare. Other IOP’s I have attended over the years have felt so clinical and uncaring. I can promise you, this is the only IOP ever that I actually looked forward to attending versus dreading it. I would, and do, highly recommend Talk Therapy’s IOP. If one puts in the work, participates, and is willing to totally look at themselves and most importantly, open to feedback, I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that you too will get out of it what I have.”