The Talk Therapy Office

When we started this center, we wanted to create an environment that is professional and discrete, but also comfortable and welcoming. For this reason, we chose a professional office building and not a medical office. We have multiple private offices for consultation as well as a large group room for our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) participants. We also have a large waiting area and a kitchen for your convenience.

When you enter the office, you instantly feel a sense of calm and peace. In fact, many tell us it’s more like walking into a spa than a medical office, and that’s exactly what we are going for. You come here to do some difficult work, and to improve various areas of your life. The environment is meant to help you in your journey.

Talk Therapy Entrance
Talk Therapy Psychology Center – Office Entrance
Talk Therapy Psychology Center – IOP Room
Talk Therapy Psychology Center – Private Room

Depression: What Psychologists Say

Recently, Dr. Seda Gragossian, Clinical Director at the Talk Therapy Psychology Center, was interviewed on the topic of depression. In that article, she spoke about various elements of depression and highlighted the importance of exercising self-care.

At Talk Therapy, we believe that establishing self-care habits is a very important part of a comprehensive response to depression, and many other mental health issues. Self-care principles are covered at length both in private sessions as well as during group sessions, when participating in Talk Therapy’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

You may access the article at: Healthgrades article on Depression.

At the Talk Therapy Psychology Center, we strive to give you the right tools to cope, the skills to deal with setbacks, and the ability to believe in, and rely on your own strengths.

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Dr. Seda Gragossian of Talk Therapy Psychology Center interviewed by is the world’s largest rehab review site. Fortune Magazine called them the “Yelp! for rehabs”.

Recently, our very own, Dr. Seda Gragossian, was interviewed about what makes Talk Therapy Psychology Center different. The article talked about the gray areas between sober and using, the merits of harm reduction, and the importance of creating a personalized treatment plan.

Talk Therapy Psychology Center continues to make a positive contribution to the community. Most importantly, people are getting better.

Read her interview here: Treatment that meets you where you’re at.

Dr. Seda Gragossian, interviewed on the Radio about Talk Therapy’s unique approach

Our very own, Dr. Seda Gragossian, of the Talk Therapy Psychology Center, was interviewed by Empire Radio Now. Empire  Radio brings together successful professionals to talk about how they have built successful practices.

Dr. Gragossian was asked to discuss how Talk Therapy Psychology Center is different from other centers. She spoke of building trust with the client, incorporating different modalities into the treatment plan, and the importance of meeting clients where they are at.

You can access the recording here.