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“I’ve been to several places like this in the past but Talk Therapy w/ Seda and Jania BY FAR exceed any of the others. With their knowledge and care you’re not just another client. They TRULY care about each and every client and you feel that, which in my past experiences, is not usually the case and b/c of this and many other reasons, they have helped me to FINALLY start taking responsibility (in many areas) and to help myself and actually USE so many of the vital tools that are discussed in group and so necessary for any kind of success. Group is small and intimate which, in my opinion at least, makes one feel much more comfortable and willing to participate vs larger groups that can sometimes be very intimidating and non-personal. I’m certainly not one that ever posts reviews on anything but truly felt in this case that I needed to as maybe someone considering this type of thing will (and should) give them a try. I HIGHLY recommend Talk Therapy!!”