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The Talk Therapy Office

When we started this center, we wanted to create an environment that is professional and discrete, but also comfortable and welcoming. For this reason, we chose a professional office building and not a medical office. We have multiple private offices for consultation as well as a large group room for our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) participants. We also have a large waiting area and a kitchen for your convenience.

When you enter the office, you instantly feel a sense of calm and peace. In fact, many tell us it’s more like walking into a spa than a medical office, and that’s exactly what we are going for. You come here to do some difficult work, and to improve various areas of your life. The environment is meant to help you in your journey.

Talk Therapy Entrance
Talk Therapy Psychology Center – Office Entrance
Talk Therapy Psychology Center – IOP Room
Talk Therapy Psychology Center – Private Room