Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction treatment is a multi-layered, long-term process. It is a journey whose route is different for every person.

In order to establish a productive course of treatment, our staff begin the process with a comprehensive intake session. This allows both therapist and patient to collaborate on treatment plans, objectives for different stages of treatment, frequency of sessions, and approaches that might be the most effective.

Talk Therapy offers the following services:

  • Individual Therapy: In these sessions, the patient is given the opportunity to discuss issues, challenges, and emotional roadblocks that the patient might find too painful to discuss in a group environment. Furthermore, the individual sessions allow patients to explore in-depth any breakthroughs that might have occurred in group or family therapy sessions. Individual sessions are essential for patients who suffer from ongoing emotional instability, or feel as though they are particularly at risk of relapse.
  • Couples Therapy: For patients in an ongoing relationship, it is highly beneficial to undergo couple’s sessions, to give both the patient and their partner a safe space to discuss how the addiction has affected, and continues to affect, their relationship. It can, furthermore, isolate interpersonal dynamics that might have contributed to the addiction (enabling, assignments of blame, abuse, etc.)
  • Family Therapy: Family therapy sessions offer family members who’ve been affected by a loved one’s addiction not only a safe outlet for discussing their struggles, but also excellent opportunities to learn how to facilitate their family member’s recovery while keeping themselves healthy and safe.

Our programs offer different levels of treatment depending on severity of the condition. The above mentioned services are for individuals who are stable in their recovery and do not require support and structure around the clock. However, we can also provide Partial Hospitalization or Day Programs for individuals who require more intensive daily structure, support and treatment.

If you feel overwhelmed by your addiction and want to begin your own journey to recovery, please contact the Talk Therapy Center to discuss your treatment options.