“I came into this therapy with a preconceived notion that it would be like all others that weren’t a fit for me and where I hadn’t had success. The program was different and was perfect for my family and really myself as I was the one that needed the majority of help. I was on a one way track to a bad place and through weekly one on one meetings was able to accomplish small but vital wins on the path to solving my large problem of alcohol abuse. I can’t thank Seda enough as I have been able to continue the success for the last 7 months and much of which has been without regular meetings because of the strong foundation I built early with Seda and by developing sustainable behaviors” – CL


“I follow Jania to Talk Therapy because I couldn’t imagine working with any other therapist. I was court ordered to be in treatment and had a lot of reservations about therapy after having seen several therapist prior to seeing Jania. She not only made me feel comfortable but she cared about my well-being and wanted me to succeed, and it showed through her work. She showed compassion, warmth, and focused on what was important to me. Thanks to her help, I have had my longest sobriety yet.”


“I’m R. S. I know you do not know me but know this. I have been treated by Dr. Seda Gragossion since December of 2015. Dr. Gragossion, or Seda I have come to learn is a dedicated professional who will go the extra mile for her patients. She has sympathy, empathy, and the care for her patients.

I am a very stubborn patient of hers, probably the most. Yet she has worked to help me despite that. She will help regardless of what the patient asks. She has had therapeutic walks with me. You will only help yourself by having her help you.”


“My name is J. I was going through an extremely dark and lonely stretch of live for a few years. I was abusing alcohol in order to cope with the stress and turmoil of my daily life. I was fortunate enough to finally meet the love of my life but my struggles with alcohol continued. At some point my partner realized she wasn’t enough to fix me and I had to make a choice, vodka or her….I continued to struggle, and thank god she finally said, “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, but not like this…You need to make the choice on your own!” She did everything she could to help me and point me in the right direction….she found Seda, but it was up to me to make the decision to ask for the help I needed because I wanted it, not because I was told to! I know I made the right choice! I started working with Seda and Jania in their Intensive Outpatient Program. I met so many amazing people who shared the same struggles as me. It absolutely transformed my life and how I viewed myself and others and gave me a sense of perspective I had long forgotten. After completing the IOP, I continue to see Seda and Jania frequently to maintain this new found respect for family, friends and myself! I can not thank them enough for the opportunities that were always there in front of me but I had forgotten were just right there for my taking! Please if you struggle with any substance abuse and want your life back, talk to them! They can help you too!!!”


“I just wanted to thank Seda and Jania for everything they have taught me regarding how to help myself in the many areas that one has to deal with in not only the addiction arena, but everyday situations that will, and do, come up in life. Their IOP program is so wonderful and engaging in so many facets and makes you want to be there.  In fact, they have been so effective in helping me to help myself, I, as did all of us in the group, followed them when they left their former employer and facility and opened their own, Talk Therapy.

They are so caring and genuine in their approach to everyone, both in group and out, which I can tell you is extremely rare. Other IOP’s I have attended over the years have felt so clinical and uncaring. I can promise you, this is the only IOP ever that I actually looked forward to attending versus dreading it. I would, and do, highly recommend Talk Therapy’s IOP. If one puts in the work, participates, and is willing to totally look at themselves and most importantly, open to feedback, I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that you too will get out of it what I have.”


“Seda was an integral part of my IOP experience and continues to have a positive influence on my recovery. From the first phone call, her unconditional compassion and sincerity are something I have rarely experienced from other IOP programs or practitioners. She understands that every individual struggling with addiction recovers in unique and personalized ways, and this principle is at the core of her compassionate care. I continue to use the many tools I learned from her. One of the biggest lessons that she taught me was that I have the right to stand up for myself and not be negatively affected by other peoples’ baggage—something that is often hard for those of us who struggle with addiction. This shift didn’t happen overnight but it did stick with me because her techniques focus more on self empowerment and living well, as opposed to mere abstinence and willpower methods. Seda is a master at facilitating both groups and one-on-one sessions and she will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your recovery as she did with mine.”


“Thank you both for your continued caring, communication and support. During our sessions over the past year (almost) you have both helped me address, discuss and work on the many issues I face. You have shown authentic caring and interest in helping me, while not letting me “slide”. You have been very willing to be flexible with your schedules, which I really appreciate. I will continue to reach out to you both in the future to help me continue the positive path you have started me on. Thank you both.”


“I was lost and felt like a broken person. I was using alcohol and other substances to suppress my feelings and deal with pain. And then I met Seda. And now for the first time in my life I now have the skills necessary to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. Talk therapy Center is the best intensive outpatient program I have ever been to. It saved my life and it will save yours.”


“Thanks to Seda and Jania my life has new meaning and purpose. They helped me see through my underlying issues in a dignifying and non-judge mental environment. When choosing my options for treatment, nationally, Seda was the only clinician to respond to my inquires (so promptly too) and I was shocked that she wasn’t just administrative personnel. They have genuine care for all of her clients which shows from their first interactions with you. 6-Stars to this amazing team. Still going strong!”


“Today, on this day of thanksgiving, I woke up with tears of joy and gratitude for Talk Therapy Psychology Center. I came all the way from Dallas TX in a very broken state battling with depression, anger and rage. I found healing and safety at TTPC. I gained insight and tools to support myself in living a healthy fulfilled life. Today, I’m confident that no matter the trial, no matter the hurts and disappointments life WILL bring; I can be mindful, I can stand up for my core beliefs, I can forgive, I can be empathetic and authentic with others. I’ve come back to Dallas TX whole and complete; I am forever grateful for my experience here. Thank you so much.”


“Jania and Seda, both separately and cooperatively, have impacted my life in such a profoundly positive way. It is not an overstatement to say that their work has saved my life and was instrumental in helping me repair and recuperate mentally and emotionally. Their sincerity and genuine love for their vocation just radiates in everything they do, and I find that while I often go into a session mentally fatigued, I emerge with a smile on my face and more at peace. I am so thankful to both of them for their support, and I’m excited to continue working with them on my path of continuous growth.”


“It is so hard to find the words to describe what Transitions Therapy has meant to our family. My child has struggled for many years with a variety of mental health issues and we’ve had experience with a number of different providers. My biggest regret is we didn’t meet Seda and Jania sooner. In our case, meeting them was truly life changing for our daughter and our family. They didn’t look at my daughter as a diagnosis, but rather as a whole person…with a big heart and a ton of potential. They met her where she was at and provided such a warm, nurturing and caring environment for her to learn and grow. They went above and beyond to provide support to my daughter and our entire family and for that we are eternally grateful. As a family we have learned so much throughout this process and we have Seda and Jania to thank.”

Anonymous testimonial from IOP patient’s parent

“I joined the IOP at talk therapy in March 2017 and had the pleasure of working with very skilled clinicians who I felt comfortable and safe with. I can’t thank Jania and Seda enough for the opportunity that they have given me in getting my life back on track. Since I have moved, Jania has followed up with me and continues to show care for how I am doing. I have referred several of my friends and family members to Talk Therapy, and highly recommend them. They show compassion and genuine care that I haven’t experienced anywhere else.”


“They do care about your problems listen to your personal concerns. They are also open to working with you on the financial side and offer affordable plans that meet your budget constraints. When you’re ready to change your life then this is the place to go for assistance.”


“I have received therapy from both Jania and Seda, and i can truly say that the help was exctional. their office is wonderful, and their services are kind and mindful. I’ve had therapy before and their center has been a very positive thing in my life, i am most gracious.”


“My life was a mess. I was using drugs and alcohol to mask my pain and feelings for 18 years. Nothing I tried ever worked. I met Seda and jania in October of 2015. They taught me how to process my pain in a healthy way. They also taught me how to deal with stress, guilt, shame, pain, depression and helped me get my life back. I can’t thank you enough for your help I recommend them to anyone dealing with addiction.”


“I’ve been to several places like this in the past but Talk Therapy w/ Seda and Jania BY FAR exceed any of the others. With their knowledge and care you’re not just another client. They TRULY care about each and every client and you feel that, which in my past experiences, is not usually the case and b/c of this and many other reasons, they have helped me to FINALLY start taking responsibility (in many areas) and to help myself and actually USE so many of the vital tools that are discussed in group and so necessary for any kind of success. Group is small and intimate which, in my opinion at least, makes one feel much more comfortable and willing to participate vs larger groups that can sometimes be very intimidating and non-personal. I’m certainly not one that ever posts reviews on anything but truly felt in this case that I needed to as maybe someone considering this type of thing will (and should) give them a try. I HIGHLY recommend Talk Therapy!!”


“I have found the staff of Talk Therapy to be extremely professional in dealing with clients they we have had in common. Both Seda and Jania have always made themselves available to consultation and feedback whenever I needed to hear how our mutual client was progressing in their treatment program. I would rate them as excellent in the work they do with their clients. I would also recommend any clients I am working with, to utilize their various treatment options.”


“The Talk Therapy Psychology Center is where I have HONESTLY found PEACE OF MIND! Dr. Gragossian and Jania Amir-Razavi offer the time and understanding that has help me grow and establish REAL TRUST like nowhere else. Even with ongoing pay issues with the VA/Tri-west, they are committed to helping and upholding the Medical Ethical Codes and Standards to the highest degree! I’m glad to know that real treatment is still available to all and especially to our service members!”


“I have been seeing various therapists over the years, and Seda is easily one of the best. She is thoughtful, compassionate, and understanding. She is never judgemental, which you think would be a requirement for a therapist, but unfortunately many tend to be. She is such a warm person, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.”


“What can I say that previous reviewers haven’t already said? The therapists here definitely know their stuff on a professional level, and they take a very compassionate and caring interest in each of their clients. I would (and do) recommend them without hesitation.”


“I was a patient for many months in the last year and a half with Dr. Gragossian;  as a psychologist myself, but not a therapist, I had been through a lot of therapy in my life.  Part of this was training and part something which I felt would help me move forward in life when roadblocks came up or the usual difficult events happened.  So I have quite a lot of experience as a therapy patient, and as a result of that I would recommend Dr. Gragossian without hesitation.  She is smart, insightful, strong enough to deal with patients like me who are quite strong themselves…..but most of all she is a loving, kind, warm person, and for me that is what makes all the difference.  She creates a safe environment for a person to open up.  Knowledge is important, essential in this business of course, but in the end, love heals.  She certainly helped me, and for that I am very grateful and glad to recommend her to others who are looking for someone to help them.”


“Two of the most amazing and compassionate people and therapists you will ever meet. They truly care about the recovery of everyone who walks through their door. If you are on the path to recovery this is the best place to be. “