The Talk Therapy Office

When we started this center, we wanted to create an environment that is professional and discrete, but also comfortable and welcoming. For this reason, we chose a professional office building and not a medical office. We have multiple private offices for consultation as well as a large group room for our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) … Continue reading The Talk Therapy Office

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Tips for Managing Addiction During the Holidays

Tips for straying on track with addiction

We see an increase in addiction challenges during the holidays. Let’s talk about what you can do to increase your chances of staying sober, or to ensure your moderation plan stays on track. WHO: Stay vigilant about who you hang out with. Are there people that tempt you into bad behaviors? Are there key relationships … Continue reading Tips for Managing Addiction During the Holidays

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Rising above the darkness during recovery

At times, Talk Therapy Psychology Center hosts articles and important announcements from our partners and clients. Here is a meaningful post from one of our regular contributors, Joe Cervantes: “Addiction and recovery often come with some dark times. Maybe you’re depressed and using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. Or maybe you’ve stopped drinking or using … Continue reading Rising above the darkness during recovery

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Depression: What Psychologists Say

Recently, Dr. Seda Gragossian, Clinical Director at the Talk Therapy Psychology Center, was interviewed on the topic of depression. In that article, she spoke about various elements of depression and highlighted the importance of exercising self-care. At Talk Therapy, we believe that establishing self-care habits is a very important part of a comprehensive response to … Continue reading Depression: What Psychologists Say

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What is resentment? It is a feeling we get when we believe someone has wronged us, has taken something from us without our permission, has said hurtful things, has made decisions that have negatively impacted us, or has somehow failed our expectations. The feeling generally develops over time after repeatedly being exposed to the situation. … Continue reading Resentment

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Bouncing back from a relapse

Waking up after a night of binging on alcohol or using drugs is no fun after you have committed to live clean and sober. You are in pain emotionally, mentally, and physically. The guilt, shame, and disappointment feels overpowering. Your family members are devastated and probably angry. You find out that you have done things … Continue reading Bouncing back from a relapse

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