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Starting From the Bottom…

Not every day is going to be an ideal day. We won’t wake up every day feeling motivated, happy, energetic or productive. We may tend to fall into slumps or valleys in our life that may seem impossible to get out of but you have the capability inside of you. Our healthy and positive habits are what establish a platform to bounce back off of. Highly enjoyable and productive habits that we reinforce at our best moments will be the things to rely on in our worst moments. If we reinforce sustainable habits constantly in our daily lives they will help us in the long run, making us healthier and happier.

Habits. Habits are such important things to establish in our daily lives. They help us to better ourselves in both physical, spiritual and mental ways. Strengthening our time management, productivity and cognitive sills are things that habits can help us with in major ways. Things like, waking up at a reasonable time of the day , journaling, working gout, reading self help books, playing, socializing, meditating are all habits you can slowly implement into your daily routine that will help better your mental and physical fitness.

If you ever feel sad, angry, stressed, taking part in physical activities to release emotions and manage thoughts could be very effective. Another aspect, however, is having the motivation to do these things; that’s why it’s important to rely on discipling rather than motivation. If you ever find yourself in a low doing or slum ask yourself this, ” Do I want to be stuck here for a long time or move on?” I don’t think anyone wants to stay stuck in such a low place and disciplining yourself to get up, try new habits, and reinforce them can be life changing.

Doing the things we love the most are another thing that you can do to help yourself to get back up. If you don’t know something that will make you happy try out new things/hobbies. Your happiness and mental state should be your number one priority. Self care is not selfish! If you don’t enjoy hanging our with certain people or find that they drag you down, don’t hang out with them. It’s okay to say no. A lot of the time the reason we get burnt out and dragged down so much is based on our environment and surroundings. If you don’t have anyone to talk to there are many reliable sources like therapist and counsellors but you should also learn to be content with being in your own presence. Starting from scratch, with starting new habits and hobbies, cutting our toxicity from your lives ( including people ) is something that you can do. We only get one life that we should make the most of it. It’s okay to not be okay. but it’s not wise to stay there stuck. There are so many resources that you can use to better yourself one step at a time. Remember your self worth and that you are lovable.