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“I was a patient for many months in the last year and a half with Dr. Gragossian;  as a psychologist myself, but not a therapist, I had been through a lot of therapy in my life.  Part of this was training and part something which I felt would help me move forward in life when roadblocks came up or the usual difficult events happened.  So I have quite a lot of experience as a therapy patient, and as a result of that I would recommend Dr. Gragossian without hesitation.  She is smart, insightful, strong enough to deal with patients like me who are quite strong themselves…..but most of all she is a loving, kind, warm person, and for me that is what makes all the difference.  She creates a safe environment for a person to open up.  Knowledge is important, essential in this business of course, but in the end, love heals.  She certainly helped me, and for that I am very grateful and glad to recommend her to others who are looking for someone to help them.”