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“Seda was an integral part of my IOP experience and continues to have a positive influence on my recovery. From the first phone call, her unconditional compassion and sincerity are something I have rarely experienced from other IOP programs or practitioners. She understands that every individual struggling with addiction recovers in unique and personalized ways, and this principle is at the core of her compassionate care. I continue to use the many tools I learned from her. One of the biggest lessons that she taught me was that I have the right to stand up for myself and not be negatively affected by other peoples’ baggage—something that is often hard for those of us who struggle with addiction. This shift didn’t happen overnight but it did stick with me because her techniques focus more on self empowerment and living well, as opposed to mere abstinence and willpower methods. Seda is a master at facilitating both groups and one-on-one sessions and she will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your recovery as she did with mine.”